We will try to add photos of our new arrivals shortly after they arrive. Once we’ve been able to make our selections, we’ll contact those on the waitlist to select kids, the available kids will be in bold. After we’ve connected with those on the waitlist, we will offer any remaining kids to our For Sale page. First preference is to kids going in pairs or more, having a familiar buddy makes moving to a new home less stressful. Also, some of our kids are bottle raised and will be labeled as “bottle baby“ we’d prefer these kids go to homes that are able to bottle raise and can pick up kids by 4 weeks, the others are dam raised and available at weaning age (8-12 weeks).

Kids are not considered reserved without a deposit, if you select kid/s I can temporarily hold them up to one week until a deposit can be sent before moving to the next in line. We can take deposits via PayPal or you can mail a check ($50 deposit for doelings/bucklings, $25 for wethers).

$350 – $800 for doelings and bucklings *
$125 for wethers – $200 for wether pairs
*Prices vary based on the merit of the sire and dam. For example: milk stars, Superior Genetics, high LA scores, & show wins increase the value. (some goats will have abbreviations such as SG, CH, *B, *M, see this ADGA Guide to Abbreviations & Symbols for help reading performance Pedigree info).

We sell very few bucklings as potential herd sires, most bucklings will be available as pet wethers. If you’re interested in an intact buckling please inquire.

Rockstar Ranch Debonair +B X Four Cedars EB Lacey Nutmeg 
Kidded: May 2, 2021
N33 doeling, cou clair with moonspots $375 bottle baby (reserved AH)
N34 doeling, gold with moonspot $375 bottle baby
N35 doeling, gold (no papers, pet only, extra teat) $200
N36 wether, black $125

Urban Acres CRF-BH Meriwether X Four Cedars EB Rissa
Kidded: May 2, 2021
N31 wether, chocolate buckskin $125
N32 doeling, buckskin with white, $350 (hold)
Notes: A.I. breeding, ADGA Planned Pedigree

Lil Miss B Haven WorkYourMagic *B X Four Cedars DB Autumn 2*M
Kidded: April 27, 2021 1
N26 wether, gold and white (sold HD)
N27 doeling, gold, $350

Lil Miss B Haven WorkYourMagic *B X SG Four Cedars DB Eye Candy 2*M
Kidded: April 19, 2021
N22 wether, buckskin with white, $125
N23 doeling, buckskin with minimal white, $450
N24 doeling, dark buckskin, $450
N25 wether, chocolate buckskin, $125 bottle baby
Notes: ADGA Planned Pedigree

Four Cedars DB Dapper *B X Four Cedars SA My Fair Lady 2*M
Kidded: April 16, 2021
N20 wether, buckskin, blue eyes $125
N21 doeling buckskin/cou clair, blue eyes (hold)
Notes: photos coming soon, ADGA Planned Pedigree

Lil Miss B Haven WorkYourMagic *B X Four Cedars BR Lilla Flicka 1*M

Kidded: April 8, 2021
N16 doeling, chocolate with minimal white $500 (hold)
N17 wether, chocolate (sold HW)
N18 buckling, chocolate w/white markings, $400 (sold HW)
N19 doeling, chocolate w/white markings $500 (hold)

Kidded: March 24,2021
N15 wether, black and tan swiss bottle baby $125

Camanna JGH GoldN Jasper X Four Cedars DB Adhara
Kidded: March 23, 2021
N12 doeling, cou clair and white $400
N13 doeling, gold bottle baby $400 (sold LS)
N14 wether, black and white $125
Notes: Adhara is milking well as a first freshener, last weigh in she was milking 4lbs, ADGA Planned Pedigree

Lil Miss B Haven WorkYourMagic *B X Four Cedars BW Candy Apple
Kidded: March 17, 2021
N10 doeling, chocolate cou clair (retained)
N11 wether, $125 (sold PR)
Notes: ADGA Planned Pedigree

Lil Miss B Haven WorkYourMagic *B X Four Cedars DB Filigree
Kidded: March 16, 2021
N8 doeling (retained)
N9 doeling, $400 (sold LS)
Notes: first freshener, ADGA Planned Pedigree

Lil Miss B Haven WorkYourMagic X Four Cedars EB Camissonia
Kidded: March 12, 2021
N6 wether, gold and white $125 (sold ES)
N7 wether, gold $125 (sold ES)

Lil Miss B Haven WorkYourMagic *B X Four Cedars DP Phoebe
Kidded: March 8, 2021
N5 wether $125 (sold PR)

Lil Miss B Haven WorkYourMagic *B X Four Cedars Confetti
Kidded: February 23, 2021
N2 wether, chamoisee (sold, SP)

Lil Miss B Haven WorkYourMagic *B X Mtn Lodge UB Honey Brie 4*M
Kidded: February 23, 2021
N1 doeling, buckskin $500 (sold EE)
N3 wether, chocolate and white (sold SP)
N4 wether, buckskin (sold SP)
Notes: ADGA Planned Pedigree

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