Doelings and bucklings – priced as marked*
Wethers $200
*Prices vary based on the merit of the sire and dam. For example: milk stars, Superior Genetics, high LA scores, & show wins increase the value. (some goats will have abbreviations such as SG, CH, *B, *M, see this ADGA Guide to Abbreviations & Symbols for help reading performance Pedigree info).

Most bucklings will be available as pet wethers if not reserved in advance. If you’re interested in an intact buckling please inquire.

Lil Miss B Haven WorkYourMagic *B X Franke Farm E Lucy
Kidded: February 13, 2023
R1 buckling, buckskin w/white markings (RETAINED)
R2 buckling, chocolate buckskin (RESERVED EU)
Notes: ADGA Planned Pedigree Lucy had twin bucklings. Lucy will be be a 10*M once her milk star is official, she earned her star in volume, protein, and butterfat. Lucy’s first freshening mammary looked great, with good teat placement and medial support. Now that I’ve seen her 2nd freshening udder I am even more pleased, she has really good attachments, high wide, beautiful fore udder. I’m looking forward to having Lucy appraised this year and seeing how she milks her 2nd year on test. Lucy’s sire is Cedar View Emilio (Little Tots Estate Bambino ++*B X SGCH Cori’s Fancy Dinah Belle 2*M). Magic’s dam, Lil Miss B Haven AlwaysMagical, was the 2021 Reserve National Champion, is a beautiful doe and also an excellent producer, milking over 1,000 lbs her 2nd freshening. Magic’s sire’s dam was 2018 National Champion, and his dam’s sire was 2021 National Premier sire, see his page to see these beautiful goats. Bucklings would inherit their *B once milk records are finalized. These bucklings have friendly personalities. One possibly retained. $500

Lil Miss B Haven WorkYourMagic *B X Four Cedars SA Cassiopeia 
Kidded: February 16, 2023
R3 doeling, chocolate buckskin w/white, bottle baby, AVAILABLE $500
R4 doeling, black with white poll, bottle baby AVAILABLE $500
R5 buckling, buckskin 
R6 doeling, buckskin (RETAINED)
Notes: ADGA Planned Pedigree Sass had quadruplets, 3 doelings and a buckling. One doeling will be retained and two will be available. Buckling will be available as a wether. “Sass” is my daughter’s doe and they’ve enjoyed learning showmanship in 4-H and showing in open shows. She has good conformation and has placed well in the shows she’s been to. She freshened with a nice first freshening udder and earned her star for volume, protein and butterfat as a first freshener and expect her to continue to improve. All four are very friendly kids, two are being bottle raised and the other two are dam raised. $500

Rainy Rock CR War Paint X Franke Farm E Tulip
Kidded February 20, 2023
R7 doeling buckskin/white bottle baby (RETAINED)
R8 buckling chocolate with white poll (HOLD LS)
R9 buckling chocolate with white markings (HOLD LS)
Notes: ADGA Planned Pedigree Tulip had triplets, two bucklings and a doeling. Tulip has good teat placement and size for hand milking. She is a first freshener this year and on milk test and has earned her star in volume, butterfat and protein and will be a 9*M. Elite genetics on both sire and dam sides. Her sire is Cedar View Emilio (Little Tots Estate Bambino ++*B X SGCH Cori’s Fancy Dinah Belle 2*M Elite doe). I really like War Paint’s dam (another ADGA Elite doe), SGCH MilkNKids MM Lunar Frost 1*M EEEE92 for her strong general appearance and mammary, she scored an E in back, 44 in rear udder height and 42 in fore udder attachment, I think this will be a really nice match for Tulip. $500

Rainy Rock CR War Paint *B (pending) X SG Four Cedars DB Eye Candy VEEV 88
Kidded: February 21, 2023
R10: doeling (RETAINED)
R11: buckling, $650
R12: buckling, $650
R13: buckling (SOLD NL)
Notes: ADGA Planned Pedigree Candy had quintuplets again, 4 bucklings and a doeling (one buckling was DOA). I don’t normally leave this many kids for a doe to raise but Candy is a good producer and her kids will take bottles so we can supplement as needed. Candy my favorite milking doe in our herd, she has the will to milk and is first in line everyday eager and ready to get on the milk stand. She’s milked over 1,000 pounds last year. War Paint’s dam is SGCH (pending) MilkNKids MM Lunar Frost 1*M EEEE92 Elite, really excited to see what these two produce and hoping for a keeper so plan to retain the doeling for our herd. $650

Lil Miss B Haven WorkYourMagic *B X Four Cedars RMT Carina
Kidded: February 23, 2023
R14 doeling bottle baby, AVAILABLE $450

Notes: ADGA Planned Pedigree Carina’s first freshening mammary is very promising and I’m excited to see how it improves with increased capacity, she did have just a single doeling this time but is still milking about 4 pounds per day. Carina is a beautiful young doe, very long, dairy and beautiful on the move, she was Reserve Grand Champion at the 2022 Barn In The USA and again SWWDGA Fall Fling Ring.

Old Mountain Farm Revelry X Four Cedars EB Lacy Nutmeg 2*M VEEV
Kidded: February 26, 2023
R15 buckling gold/white (SOLD LS)
R16 doeling chamoisee (RETAINED)
Notes: ADGA Planned Pedigree Revel is paternal sibling to the 2022 ADGA Spotlight Sale buckling, Old Mountain Farm Gold Mine, who sold for a record breaking $30,700. Nutmeg’s sire, Old Mountain Farm Erebus, is out of the late SG 2*M AR NC PromisedLand Nemesis 2*D AR 2383 VEEE 90 (permanent score), a doe I’ve long admired as a beautiful example of the breed, she proved her longevity by scoring VEEE 90 at age 9. $650

Lil Miss B Haven WorkYourMagic *B X Four Cedars DP Pearlee
Kidded: March 18, 2023
R20 buckling, gold and white
R21 buckling, gold and white
R22 doeling, gold and white, hold for evaluation, not available
Notes: ADGA Planned Pedigree I just love Pearl’s sweet temperament and she freshened with one my favorite mammaries of any of our first fresheners yet. It is high, well attached, with large, plumb teats that are easy to hand milk, she milks down very well. Pearl has also shown well, she was 1st, 2nd and 4th my kids and I took turns showing her in the 3 rings at the Barn in the USA show against large classes of strong competition. She had a single her first freshening, it’s looking like she’ll definitely have increased capacity with her 2nd freshening.

Old Mountain Farm Revelry X Four Cedars WM Rosalee
Kidded: March 18, 2023
R23: wether
R24: wether
Notes: ADGA Planned Pedigree keeping with the buckling theme! These boys will be for sale at weaning age (8 weeks).

We will not sell a goat to a home where it will be the only one, goats are herd animals and are happiest with companionship of other goats. Preference is to kids going in pairs or more because having a familiar buddy makes moving to a new home less stressful for them. It is easiest to match like age kids so that they’re ready around the same time. Some of our kids are bottle raised and will be labeled as “bottle baby“ these kids are ready for pick up by 4 weeks, the others are dam raised and available at weaning age (8-12 weeks).

Once kids are born we like to evaluate which will be retained for our herd, some could eventually be available at a later time. After we’ve evaluated the kids, we will contact those on our waitlist, remaining kids will be listed for sale. A deposit ($100 for doelings/bucklings, $50 for wethers) will reserve your kid of choice until time of pickup, the deposit is not refundable, however if for some reason we can’t provide you with the kid you’ve reserved we will offer a replacement or refund. We reserve the right to retain any kid at any time for our breeding program. To reserve kid/s we take deposits via Venmo, PayPal, cash in person, or you can mail a check. Goats must be paid in full prior to leaving.

Dam raised kids will be ready for new homes at 8-12 weeks, bottle babies can leave earlier. We normally dam raise as well as introduce kids to bottles when possible, if you’re able and would like to bottle raise let us know. In some cases, such as large litters like quads/quints, we routinely put 2 of the kids on the bottle at birth.

All kids are disbudded. We can provide their 1st CD&T vaccination around 6-8 weeks (unless they leave early as bottle babies) the first CD&T should be followed up with a booster in 3-4 weeks. We will include ADGA registration or application with doelings and bucklings (wethers and pet quality doelings do not include registration).

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