All 2020 kids have sold. Next kids will be available spring/summer 2021.

Available kids will be listed in bold. Preference is to kids going in pairs or more, having a familiar buddy makes moving to a new home less stressful. Kids are not consider reserved without a deposit, if you select kid/s I can temporarily hold them up to one week until a deposit can be sent. We can take deposits via PayPal or you can mail a check.

$350 – $800 for doelings and bucklings *
$125 for wethers – $200 for wether pairs
*Prices vary based on the merit of the sire and dam. For example: milk stars, Superior Genetics, high LA scores, & show wins increase the value. (some goats will have abbreviations such as SG, CH, *B, *M, see this ADGA Guide to Abbreviations & Symbols for help reading performance Pedigree info). We only sell very few as potential herd sires, almost all bucklings will be available as pet wethers. If you’re interested in an intact buckling please inquire.

Kids will be posted here upon arrival in the spring, you can view our kidding schedule to see our planned breedings.

Kids from previous years:

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