Sold out for 2018. We will have kids spring 2019.

2018 Kid Prices:
$300 – $700 for doelings and bucklings
$125 for wethers (or $200 for 2)
Prices vary based on the merit of the sire and dam. For example: milk stars, Superior Genetics, high LA scores, & show wins increase the value. (some goats will have abbreviations such as SG, CH, *B, *M, see this ADGA Guide to Abbreviations & Symbols for help reading performance Pedigree info)

1EFAD518-6C43-4DA2-97B6-875DDAB12281Old Mountain Farm Vinca 5*M VVEV 88  X Rockstar Ranch Debonair VEE 88
Kidded: August 17, 2018
K39 doeling, retained
K40 doeling, hold AR

28F9AD23-BB4D-4D32-B575-22D945B62DC0Four Cedars SA My Fair Lady X Minterbay Belles And Whistles *B
ADGA Pedigree
Kidded: June 4, 2018
K36 wether, sold A
K37 doeling, cou clair, blue eyes, one wattle, sold AY
K38 wether, sold MB

Poppy Patch CB Sugar And Spice 6*M X Rockstar Ranch Debonair
Kidded: June 4, 2018
K32 wether, sold KC
K33 wether, sold A
K34 wether, sold A
K35 wether, sold KC


Algedi Farm JD Wedding Bells 3*M X Rockstar Ranch Debonair
Kidded: May 29, 2018
K30 wether, $100, sold MP
K31 buckling, retained

Notes: View Algedi Farm JD Wedding Bells’ page for udder pictures. View ADGA pedigree here.


Four Cedars SA Taima X Minterbay Belles And Whistles
ADGA  Pedigree
Kidded: April 25, 2018
K27 doeling
K28 wether, sold
K29 wether, sold


Four Cedars Trillium X Minterbay Belles And Whistles *B
Kidded: April 11, 2018
K25 wether, sold FW
K26 wether, sold FW


SG Rockstar Ranch Capella 3*M VEVE 89 X *B Minterbay Belles And Whistles
Kidded: April 10, 2018
K22 doeling, black with minimal white, wattles
K23 doeling, retained
K24 wether, sold SG


Four Cedars Milady 1*M X *B Minterbay Belles And Whistles
Kidded: April 1, 2018
K17 wether, sold MS
K18 wether, sold JK
K19 wether, sold MS
K20 wether, sold Amber W


Four Cedars SA Prim Rose X Old Mountain Farm Erebus
Kidded: March 26, 2018
K14 wether, sold SG
K15 doeling, retained
K16 wether, sold Amber W


Four Cedars DB Eye Candy X Old Mountain Farm Erebus
Kidded: March, 24 2018
K10 wether, sold HD
K11 doeling, retained 
K12 wether, sold Anne W 
K13 doeling, retained


Mtn Lodge UB Honey Brie X Rockstar Ranch Debonair
Kidded: March 18, 2018
K8 wether, sold JG
K9 wether, sold JG


Four Cedars Sugaree 1*M +VVV 86 X Old Mountain Farm Erebus
Planned Pedigree
Kidded: March 16, 2018
K2 doeling, sold HD 
K3 doeling, retained 
K4 doeling, retained  
K5 wether, sold Anne W

Wethers, K6 & K7

Elfin Acres Daisy X Poppy Patch SailAway W/Me Honey
K6 wether, sold SJ
K7 wether, sold SJ


Agape Oaks AD Mascarpone 3*M X Rockstar Ranch Debonair
ADGA Pedigree
Kidded: Feb. 20, 2018
K1 doeling, sold JK