We are trying to reduce our senior doe herd to 10-12 does, several does are available. Available does can be bred to the buck of your choice before leaving. View our bucks on the Herd Sires page.

(Reserved/Deposit Received JM)
Poppy Patch CB Sugar And Spice 6*M VVE+86 “Poppy” is a nice doe, easy kidder and good mom, she has very good milk stand manners, shy around human kids but likes adults. $400 ADGA Pedigree
Four Cedars BW Candy Apple (Minterbay Belles And Whistles *B X SG Four Cedars DB Eye Candy 2*M) $400 – Friendly doe, great milk stand manners, had twins as a first freshener, milked consistently, peaking at 4.4 pounds. She was bred by Lil Miss B Haven WorkYourMagic *B (son of 2021 Reserve ADGA National Champion, Lil Miss B Haven AlwaysMagical) on 10/9 for possible 2022 kids.
(Reserved/Deposit Received JM)
Four Cedars SA My Fair Lady 2*M +EEV87 Easy kidder and good mom, blue eyes. $400
Four Cedars BW Jewel $450
Black with minimal white, asymmetrical wattles. A bit standoffish, but has excellent milk stand manners, she is used to being milked by hand or machine.
Sire: Minterbay Belles And Whistles *B (Stayawhile GK Hiraku *B X GCH Herron Hill CJ Cora Belle 1*M)
Dam: SG Rockstar Ranch Capella 3*M (SG Old Mountain Farm Cernunnos ++*B X Old Mountain Farm Moonshadow 2*M)
Four Cedars GJ Ellinor
(Camanna JGH GoldN Jasper X Four Cedars Cascadia)
Ellinor is a dry yearling (this is a baby picture, I’ll try to add updated photos soon), she is ready to be bred this fall for spring kids. Very friendly and loves attention, used to being handled by kids in shows, I think she’d make a great 4-H goat. $400


None available.


Camanna JGH GoldN Jasper
(Camanna AH Jonquil Gold Heart X CH Old Mountain Farm BownI’dSuzn VEEE90) Jasper is a very nice buck and well mannered. $500


Rockstar Ranch Debonair +B VEE 88 (Old Mountain Farm Cernunnos +*B VEE 90 Elite X SG Old Mountain Farm Nyx) 5/$200

Four Cedars DB Dapper *B (Rockstar Ranch Debonair VEE 88 X Algedi Farm JD Wedding Bells 3*M VVEV 88)  5/$150

Poppy Patch SailAway W/MeHoney +*B (Algedi Farm MB Honeymoon Bay ++*B X Algedi Farm DJ Just Like Honey 5*M) 5/$150

Lil Miss B Haven WorkYourMagic *B (Wood Bridge Farm BearNecessity +*B X Lil Miss B Haven AlwaysMagical 3*M VVEE88, (AlwaysMagical 2021 ADGA Reserve National Champion) 5/$250

We will not sell a single goat unless it’s going to a home with other goats, they are herd animals and will be very unhappy without a goat buddy.

We try to provide our goats with the best possible feed and care while they’re in our possession and will only let a goat leave if we believe it to be in good health. Once the goat has left our farm we can’t provide further health guarantees, as we no longer have control over their care, it is then your responsibility to maintain their good health. We are happy to be a resource for questions whenever possible but also recommend you find a knowledgeable goat vet in case of emergencies.

Our herd has always tested CAE, CL & Johne’s negative, blood tested via WADDL, last herd test was August 2018.

Contact Us for additional information.

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