$600 Nigerian Dwarf Doeling, black with minimal white, wattles, born 4/10/18 (Minterbay Belles And Whistles *B X SG Rockstar Ranch Capella 3*M VVEV 87) It was a toss up as to which of Capella’s doelings I wanted to keep, so I let my kids decide, I wouldn’t be upset if this lovely girl stayed here. If you are interested in milk I think this she has a lot of potential. Capella is my favorite milker, consistent production with a nice udder, large teats for hand milking, she easily earned her star on milk test for volume, protein and butterfat. Her sire’s dam is an ADGA top 10 milker, GCH Herron Hill CJ Cora Bell. View ADGA Pedigree.

Four Cedars SA Prim Rose $300 
Sire: Poppy Patch SailAway W/MeHoney *B (Algedi Farm MB Honeymoon Bay *B X Algedi Farm DJ Just Like Honey)
Dam: Sunny Prairie Camassia 1*M VVEV89 (Buttin’ Heads Sanzak X Sunny Prairie Camas VEVV 88)

Prim Rose was a first freshener this year, she kidded easily with triplets and was a great mom, we’re retaining her 2018 doeling, and have her full sister so we’ve decided to part with Prim Rose. She is a very sweet doe, she is used to being milked by hand & machine, could potentially be a nice home milker.

We will not sell a single goat unless it’s going to a home with other goats, they are herd animals and will be very unhappy without a goat buddy.

Our goats are tested CAE and CL negative, last herd test was March 2017.

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