Does & Doelings


$350 Four Cedars SA Goldie Fawn (*B Poppy Patch SailAway W/MeHoney X Four Cedars Sugaree 1*M) Fawn is very friendly, she had quadruplets this year as a first freshener and was a good mom, she is used to being milked daily by hand or machine. She is for sale because I’m trying to cut back and have several related to her. The reason I’m parting with her over her sisters is because has small teats for hand milking and her production isn’t as good, also she is bottom of the pecking order and might do well with less bullies to contend with. She has a well attached udder that I think will get better in time, if she’s like her dam who improved greatly in medial and capacity with her 2nd and 3rd freshening.


We have a couple flashy wethers born recently, $200 for the pair. Photos soon.

Bucks & Bucklings

$600 Poppy Patch SailAway W/MeHoney *B – “Sailor” has been a part of our herd for several years, we have daughters, and now I’ve decided to retain a son. He has also been collected so we’ve decided to offer him for sale in order to make room in the buck pen.

We will not sell a single goat unless it’s going to a home with other goats, they are herd animals and will be very unhappy without a goat buddy.

Our herd is CAE, CL & Johne’s negative, blood tested annually, last herd test was August 2018.

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