Each bucks name or photo links to their individual page for additional photos, pedigree links, reference photos of dams and granddams and progeny.

Sorry, we do not offer our bucks for stud service. However, we do have our bucks collected and straws are available to purchase for AI.

Four Cedars DB Dapper

Four Cedars DB Dapper *B

Sire: Rockstar Ranch Debonair +B VEE 88
SS: SG Old Mountain Farm Cernunnos +*B VEE 90 Elite
SD: SG Old Mountain Farm Nyx

Dam: Algedi Farm JD Wedding Belles 3*M VVEV 88
DS: Alethia CTO Just Dew It +*B VEE88
DD: GCH Buttin’Heads Wedding Proposal 2*M V+EV88

Rainy Rock CR War Paint *B (pending)

Rainy Rock CR War Paint *B (pending ADGA)

Sire: SG Dill’s BJ Curiouser +*B VVV88
SG Dill’s TS Banjo +VV84
SD: SG Dill’s KJ Misstery VEEE90

Dam: SGCH (pending) MilkNKids MM Lunar Frost EEEE92
DS: Urban Acres MS Man In The Moon
DD: Goat-ER-Done Pal Of Ice Cream VVV+85

Old Mountain Farm Revelry

Old Mountain Farm Revelry

Sire: Old Mountain Farm JustPlainEd VVE87
SS: SG Old Mountain Farm Nightshade
SD: CH Old Mountain Farm Millet

Dam: 1*M AR (pending) Old Mountain Farm Shivoo VEVE88
DS: SG +*B Old Mountain Farm Bold Elk
DD: Old Mountain Farm Parti Favah VEEE 90

Reference Bucks:

Bucks On Ice (straws available):

Four Cedars DB Dapper *B
Rockstar Ranch Debonair +B
Poppy Patch SailAway W/Me Honey *B
Lil Miss B Haven WorkYourMagic *B

We have the following bucks in our tank (these straws are not for sale due to limited quantities):

Agape’s Prize Gold Centerfold
*B CUatLilRedBarn Quiet Riot
Wood Bridge Farm PromisClasAct
SG Sugar Moon NS Alejandro
Urban Acres CRF-BH Meriwether
Springwater OR Shimo
Better Wayz Rhythm
Buttin’Heads Martinique
Old Mountain Farm Stag Party
Stayawhile CR Riddle Me This