2019 Kids

2019 Kids

A055B644-31B0-4FE3-8137-B5B9EB615809Mtn Lodge UB Honey Brie +++V 83 X Rockstar Ranch Debonair VEE88
Born: March 18, 2019
L1 doeling $350 (retained)
L2 doeling $350 (sold KM)
Notes: ADGA Pedigree


Four Cedars SA Goldie Fawn X Minterbay Belles And Whistles *B
Born: April 12, 2019
L3 doeling $300 (sold NJ)
L4 wether $125 (sold BG)
L5 wether $125 (sold CG)
L6 wether $125 (sold CG)
Notes: Fawn is a first freshener, all bucklings will be sold as pet wethers, Planned Pedigree


Agape Oaks AD Mascarpone 3*M X Rockstar Ranch Debonair OR Four Cedars DB Dapper
Born: April 16, 2019
L7 doeling not available
Notes: ***DNA results to confirmed the sire is Debonair***

EEEC3814-FBA8-4E06-814E-54898AE7F8DBFour Cedars Sugaree 1*M X Rockstar Ranch Debonair
Born: May 9, 2019
L8 doeling $150 (sold PH)
L9 wether $75 (sold BG)
L10 doeling $400 (retained)
Notes: repeat breeding, Planned Pedigree

55DBB6BE-A4FE-4ED8-B42F-5DE548C956C7Four Cedars DB Classique X Poppy Patch SailAway W/MeHoney *B
Born: May 17, 2019
L12 doeling $350 (sold KM)
L13 doeling $350 (sold KM)

D2B22FA0-EFAF-4D9C-B47C-7D5D1B700D7CFour Cedars EB Chickadee X Rockstar Ranch Debonair
Born: May 23, 2019
L14 doeling $300 (sold CM)
L15 wether $125 (sold BG)

3AEF7A05-AE65-4300-95ED-066F16E050ABSGCH Blythmoor Azeri 4*M LA90 X Rockstar Ranch Debonair LA88
Born: May 25, 2019
L16 wether $125 (reserved JT)
L17 wether $125 (reserved JT)
L18 doeling – teat flaw, pet only, no papers, $200 (sold NJ)

83FF8350-8662-48AF-A747-58436D968EE5Four Cedars SA My Fair Lady X Minterbay Belles And Whistles *B
Born May 30, 2019
L19 doeling $400 (sold WW)
L20 doeling $400 (reserved BK)
L21 wether (sold WW)

81AC9146-E6ED-4094-8060-94D015E3653APoppy Patch CB Sugar And Spice X Rockstar Ranch Debonair
Born: June 2, 2019
L22: doeling $400 (reserved BK)
L23: doeling $400 (sold SH)
L24: doeling $400 (retained)

54EC91D2-3A6F-4222-86FE-65450B69C787Four Cedars EB Rissa X Four Cedars DB Dapper
Born: June 8, 2019
L25: Doeling $350 (sold AH)
L26: Doeling $350 (sold DH)
L27: Doeling (retained)

SG Rockstar Ranch Capella 3*M VEVE 89 X Rockstar Ranch Debonair
Born: June 17, 2019
L28 wether $125 (sold TM)
L29 wether $125 (sold TM)
L30 doeling $400 (sold CM)

Algedi Farm JD Wedding Bells 3*M VVEV 88 X Poppy Patch SailAway W/MeHoney *B 
Born: June 26, 2019
L31 buckling (sold OE)

Four Cedars EB Camissonia X Minterbay Belles And Whistles *B 
Born: June 26, 2019
L32 doeling $300 (sold CM)

C45B6E4B-6BF4-4D3F-8F8E-277AB3E982D2Four Cedars DB Eye Candy X Minterbay Belles And Whistltes *B
Kidded: August 1, 2019 (bucklings, 1 doeling)
L33 wether (sold SL)
L34 buckling (retained)
L35 doeling (retained)

350CF83D-F17B-41A1-A44F-CDB444D5C9A0Four Cedars EB Lacy Nutmeg X Minterbay Belles And Whistltes *B 
Bred: March 13, 2019
Kidded: August 7, 2019 (buckling, doeling)
L36 wether (sold WW)
L37 doeling $400 (sold WW)