2020 Kids


Four Cedars BW Valentina X Camanna JGH Goldn Jasper
Born: June 10, 2020
M44: buckskin doeling $350 (SOLD AT)
M45: gold and white doeling $350 (SOLD AT)


Four Cedars SA Trillium +EVV 86 X Wood Bridge Farm PromisClasAct
Born May 16, 2020
M43: buckling $400 (SOLD CL)
Notes: AI breeding, I think this is an exciting pairing, Woody’s dam is GCH Wood Bridge Farm Pets Promise 1*M VEVE 89, 2016 ADGA Jr. National Champion. Planned Pedigree


Poppy Patch CB Sugar And Spice X Rockstar Ranch Debonair
Born: May 13, 2020
M39: buckskin w/white wether $125 (SOLD CG)
M40: buckskin buckling $350 (SOLD KN)
M41: combo w/white wether $125 (SOLD AC)
M42: combo w/white doeling $400 (SOLD LD)


Four Cedars DB Classique X Camanna JGH GoldN Jasper
Born: April 30, 2020
M36: gold wether $125 (SOLD AB)
M37: cou clair doeling, white poll $400 (SOLD LD)
M38: cou clair doeling $400 (SOLD KK)
Notes: ADGA Planned Pedigree


Four Cedars DB Cascadia X Camanna JGH GoldN Jasper
Born: April 24, 2020
M33: gold doeling $400 (retained)
M34: cou clair doeling $400 (SOLD TE)
M35: gold and white doeling $400 (SOLD TE)
Notes: ADGA Planned Pedigree


SG Four Cedars DB Eye Candy X Camanna JGH GoldN Jasper
Born: April 18, 2020
M29: gold and white wether $125 (SOLD TB)
M30: cou clair doeling, (SOLD CF)
M31: gold and white wether $125 (SOLD KK)
M32: buckskin and white wether $125 (SOLD TB)


Four Cedars BR Lilla Flicka X Rockstar Ranch Debonair
Born: April 15, 2020
M27: sweet black with white doeling, she was tiny at birth (1lb 8oz), so far she has been growing well, but may be on the smaller side. $300 (SOLD LVS)
M28: chocolate cou clair doeling, $400 (SOLD KK)


Four Cedars EB Chickadee X Four Cedars DB Dapper
Born: April 15, 2020
M24: gold wether, $125 (SOLD AB)
M25: gold and white wether, $125 (SOLD AB)
M26: gold and white doeling $400 (RETAINED)
Notes: these wethers are dam raised, also taking bottles on occasion


Daisy X Dapper
Born: April 10, 2020
M21: buckskin wether, bottle baby $125 (SOLD DD)


Nutmeg X Dapper (dam raised)
Born: April 12, 2020
M22: gold wether, dam raised, $125 (SOLD KK)
M23: black with white (SOLD AC)
Notes: available at weaning, 8-12 weeks


Nutmeg X Dapper (bottle kids)
Born: April 12, 2020
M19: gold and white wether, bottle kid, $125 (SOLD DD)
M20: white with black/brown wether, bottle baby $125 (SOLD J)


Camissonia X Dapper
Born: April 8, 2020
M16: gold wether $125 (SOLD J)
M17: gold & white wether, bottle kid $125 (SOLD DD)
M18: gold & white wether, $125  (SOLD J)
Notes: super friendly bottle babies


Prim Rose X Dapper
Born: April 1, 2020
M13: buckskin wether, bottle baby $125 (SOLD TF)
M14: doeling $350 (SOLD ER)
M15: doeling $350 (SOLD ER)


Jewel X Dapper
Born: March 30, 2020
M11: black/white wether $125 (SOLD TF)
M12: buckskin wether (SOLD HD)


Marigold X Sailor
Born: March 16, 2020
M10: pet quality doeling $150 (SOLD SB)


Mtn Lodge UB Honey Brie 4*M X Poppy Patch SailAway W/Me Honey *B
Born: March 2, 2020
M8: gold/white wether $125 buckling $350 (SOLD AH)
M9: buckskin with white wether $125 (SOLD RB)


SG Rockstar Ranch Capella 3*M VEVE 89 X *B Poppy Patch SailAway W/Me Honey+VE 85
Born: February 26, 2020
M4: buckskin doeling, dam/bottle raised ready to be weaned. $450 (RETAINED)
M5: buckskin wether $125 (SOLD SL)
M6: gold wether $125 (SOLD RB)
M7: buckskin wether $125 (SOLD RB)
Notes: superior genetics, dam was on the elite list in 2019 and is one of our most consistent milkers.


Born: February 25, 2020
M1: Mini Nubian $150 (SOLD CL)
M2: Mini Nubian $100 (SOLD CL)
M3: Nigerian $125 (SOLD JK)