2018 Kids

All 2018 kids have sold, thank you to all families that gave our kids wonderful homes. If we have any additional goats available they’ll be listed on our for sale page

1EFAD518-6C43-4DA2-97B6-875DDAB12281Old Mountain Farm Vinca 5*M VVEV 88  X Rockstar Ranch Debonair VEE 88
Kidded: August 17, 2018
K39 doeling, retained
K40 doeling, sold AR

28F9AD23-BB4D-4D32-B575-22D945B62DC0Four Cedars SA My Fair Lady X Minterbay Belles And Whistles *B
ADGA Pedigree
Kidded: June 4, 2018
K36 wether, sold A
K37 doeling, sold AY
K38 wether, sold MB

Poppy Patch CB Sugar And Spice 6*M X Rockstar Ranch Debonair
Kidded: June 4, 2018
K32 wether, sold KC
K33 wether, sold A
K34 wether, sold A
K35 wether, sold KC


Algedi Farm JD Wedding Bells 3*M X Rockstar Ranch Debonair
Kidded: May 29, 2018
K30 wether, sold MP
K31 buckling, retained

Notes: View Algedi Farm JD Wedding Bells’ page for udder pictures. View ADGA pedigree here.


Four Cedars SA Taima X Minterbay Belles And Whistles
ADGA  Pedigree
Kidded: April 25, 2018
K27 doeling
K28 wether, sold
K29 wether, sold


Four Cedars Trillium X Minterbay Belles And Whistles *B
Kidded: April 11, 2018
K25 wether, sold FW
K26 wether, sold FW


SG Rockstar Ranch Capella 3*M VEVE 89 X *B Minterbay Belles And Whistles
Kidded: April 10, 2018
K22 doeling, retained
K23 doeling, sold AH
K24 wether, sold SG


Four Cedars Milady 1*M X *B Minterbay Belles And Whistles
Kidded: April 1, 2018
K17 wether, sold MS
K18 wether, sold JK
K19 wether, sold MS
K20 wether, sold Amber W


Four Cedars SA Prim Rose X Old Mountain Farm Erebus
Kidded: March 26, 2018
K14 wether, sold SG
K15 doeling, retained
K16 wether, sold Amber W


Four Cedars DB Eye Candy X Old Mountain Farm Erebus
Kidded: March, 24 2018
K10 wether, sold HD
K11 doeling, retained 
K12 wether, sold Anne W 
K13 doeling, sold DH


Mtn Lodge UB Honey Brie X Rockstar Ranch Debonair
Kidded: March 18, 2018
K8 wether, sold JG
K9 wether, sold JG


Four Cedars Sugaree 1*M +VVV 86 X Old Mountain Farm Erebus
Planned Pedigree
Kidded: March 16, 2018
K2 doeling, sold HD 
K3 doeling, retained 
K4 doeling, retained  
K5 wether, sold Anne W

Wethers, K6 & K7

Elfin Acres Daisy X Poppy Patch SailAway W/Me Honey
K6 wether, sold SJ
K7 wether, sold SJ


Agape Oaks AD Mascarpone 3*M X Rockstar Ranch Debonair
ADGA Pedigree
Kidded: Feb. 20, 2018
K1 doeling, sold JK