Four Cedars SugareeSOLD
Four Cedars Sugaree 1*M VEVV 87 3-02

Dam: Elfin Acres Daisy (Purple Camas Farm Fabio EEE 91 X The Daphne Delite)

Sire: Agape Oaks AD Pepper Jack (Poppy Patch HB Adonis X GCH Agape Oaks GHIR Bittersweet 3*M)

ADGA Pedigree

I waited 3 years for a doeling to keep from Daisy, Sugaree is definitely worth the wait. Sugaree  freshened with a beautiful well attached udder, good sized teats with open orifices that are very easy to hand milk. Her first freshening she had a single doeling. Her 2nd freshening udder was much improved with more capacity and she earned her milk star in volume, protein & butterfat.

Show Records:
Sugaree won 2nd place and 2nd place udder in the Washington State Fair yearling milker class, there were 18 doelings in a very competitive class. Considering she freshened with a single kid and this was her first time leaving home and her baby, I was really proud of her, she was so laid back about everything. Looking forward to seeing how she continues to develop.

Sugree Udder
This is a side by side comparison of Sugaree’s first freshening udder vs. her third freshening. I’m really happy to see how much she’s improved.

Second Freshening