Four Cedars Sugaree

Four Cedars Sugaree 1*M VEVV 87 3-02

Dam: SG Elfin Acres Daisy (Purple Camas Farm Fabio EEE 91 X The Daphne Delite)

Sire: Agape Oaks AD Pepper Jack (Poppy Patch HB Adonis X GCH Agape Oaks GHIR Bittersweet 3*M)

ADGA Pedigree

I waited 3 years for a doeling to keep from Daisy (our very first Nigerian), Sugaree was that doeling. Sugaree freshened with a beautiful well attached udder, good sized teats with open orifices that are very easy to hand milk. Her first freshening she had a single doeling. Her 2nd freshening udder was much improved with more capacity and she earned her milk star in volume, protein & butterfat. Sugaree was sold because we have multiple daughters remaining in our herd (scroll down to bottom for their mammary photos).

Show Records:
Sugaree won 2nd place and 2nd place udder in the Washington State Fair yearling milker class, there were 18 doelings in a very competitive class. Considering she freshened with a single kid and this was her first time leaving home and her baby, I was really proud of her, she was so laid back about everything. Looking forward to seeing how she continues to develop.

Sugree Udder
This is a side by side comparison of Sugaree’s first freshening udder vs. her third freshening. I’m really happy to see how much she’s improved.

Second Freshening

Sugaree is dam to several of our favorite does in the herd: Candy, Nutmeg, Chicka, & Filigree.