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Snow’s Kids

IMG_3285Our goat Snow has been looking as wide as a house, I’d been stressing a bit because kidding is always a little nerve wracking for me…most of the time it goes well and the does kid just fine, but it’s not always the case. Snow happens to be my favorite, I think she’s everyone’s favorite, she’s definitely the sweetest and most gentle goat you’ll ever meet. So I was probably a little extra nervous this time. Last year she had quadruplets at her former home, judging by her size I was thinking it was going to be a repeat, but hoping for less kids to make things easier.

On Monday, around 10am, Snow started showing signs of early labor, a couple days early as it turns out. I kept a close eye on her throughout the day…she kidded around 8pm. First, one huge buckling that looked just like his mama, it’s was hard work for her to deliver him! Almost immediately after a second kid was on the way. I only saw one leg and it was pointing up so I knew it was coming backwards, I had to find the other leg to get the kid out. I hate to intervene but sometimes you have to do it, (see image). I’m thankful for the kidding classes I’ve taken, it’s been so helpful.

Posterior position with on leg retained.
This photo will link you to for additional images of some of the more common incorrect ways that kids can get themselves arranged just before birth.

I managed to get the other leg without too much trouble and the second kid, another buckling, was quickly delivered, he looks just like his dad Pepper Jack.

That was it, twins, very big twins! I haven’t had any kids act quite like them, they remind me of fawns, I usually find them hiding someplace, heads down pretending to be invisible, when I hear Snow calling (more like screaming) for them. They don’t respond to their mama when she calls, maybe it’s because they were a couple days early and have a little catching up to do. Anyway, mama and kids are off to a good start. We’ve named the white buckling Cloudy and the black and white buckling is named Oreo.

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