New Herd Member

imageWe have a new addition to “the herd”, and it’s not a goat this time! It’s a livestock guardian dog aka LGD. I’d like to introduce you to Oaken, he’s half Pyrenees, half Anatolian Shepherd…these dog breeds have been bred for thousands of years to bond with and protect livestock like goats and sheep & sometimes chickens or other animals.

Anatolia/Pyrenees Puppy Oaken was born in a barn and he and his brothers were raised with a herd of goats so he’s very comfortable with them. His parents are working dogs at a farm in The Dalles, Oregon. He’s still a puppy but when he’s grown he’ll hopefully become a protector of our farm and herd of Nigerian Dwarf goats. LGD Puppy

And if you are curious about where we goat the idea for his name watch this clip…

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