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Goat Hay Feeders

I’ve tried several different kinds of hay feeders for my goats and thought I’d share my thoughts on a few different versions:

I’ll start with my favorite and most basic hay feeder. This is an easy DIY project, no tools required and you can pull it off for less than $20. I got a cement mixing tub at Home Depot for $12.98 & a bungee cord, that’s it! They work awesome and are easily moved and clipped wherever I need them. I use them inside and outside attached to the fence or cattle panel. It’s so easy to take it with you to shows or fairs. I’ve seen others use these mixing tubs, you could make it more stationary if you wanted like this one on youtube

Goat Hay FeederOur other feeder is a hay rack like this one. Our goats are Nigerian Dwarfs so they are pretty short and can’t reach so they were always standing in it making a mess of the hay, they also thought it was also a good bunk bed. Yet again, I was worried about them soiling the hay so I asked my husband to build a frame that slides over the top. We also built platforms, so now they can reach. Works pretty good, you can see before and after, now they stay out of the feeder because they can only reach their heads through.

I also have used these wall feeders I unbolted the top hangers and turned them around so it hooks from the outside of our cattle panel, so the goats have to reach their heads through, otherwise they stand in the tray…more soiled hay.

IMG_6836I have used the Health E-Z Hay Feeder, I like it and they are easy to use but I have a couple goats that get their heads stuck in it, and tiny Nigerian kids can climb in it. Works well, super durable, and it might be good for bigger goats that don’t stick their head it or climb in it? Sadly, after years of use ours are now broken and it looks as if this company is no longer in business.

***all photos are property of Marsha Hickman/Four Cedars Farm – please don’t use photos without asking for permission***

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