2015 – Year Of The Goat

It's the year of the goat!
It’s the year of the goat!

Let me start by saying I’m not at all into astrology, I don’t know what 2014 was the year of, let me go Google it…OK, it was the year of the horse. The extent of my knowledge of the zodiac 12 year cycle of animals is from when I’ve had Chinese food at Emperors Palace here in town, they have those paper place mats you read while your waiting for your food. So I know your zodiac animal is based on your year of birth (mine is dog). We’d all laugh that my mom and dad were supposed to avoid each other, and see if the descriptions were accurate for anyone, just for fun. But this is the year of the goat so I have to be a little excited, because goats are great!

Happy New Year to everyone! I hope 2015 is a fantastic year for all you “goats” out there since it’s the YEAR OF THE GOAT, and hopefully it’s a good year for all of the real goats too.

Nigerian Dwarf Goats

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