New Arrivals! 01.21.15

IMG_1306{Sunny Prairie Camassia X Herron Hill Edward Scissorlegs}

Cami had 3 adorable blue eyed triplets, 2 doelings and one buckling, on day 146 around 3:00. So far all my goats the last 3 years have kidded during the day, which is nice! Cami is a first freshener and she did really well, being triplets helped I’m sure because the kids were smaller. Everyone is healthy and off to a great start.

You may remember earlier this month our doe Bluebell had a single doeling, which caused a naming competition between my three kids (the human ones). So we’ve got it easy this time. So far the names they’ve chosen are Spirit, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and either Januberry or Bluey. My kids are 3 years old (twins) and 5 years old, hence the interesting name picks. Hopefully we can get away with calling Twinkle Twinkle Little Star just Star, for short.😉

One thought on “New Arrivals! 01.21.15

  1. Cami had such beautiful babies! I am on the list for the April 9th pair for a doeling, but if you breed this combination again next year i would love to be on that waiting list too!

    Really love the web site and the pictures!

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