DIY Photo Christmas Card

I usually use Shutterfly to make Christmas cards each year, they have all kinds of different designs to choose from and you just add your photos and text. I’ve been happy with them, but this year I didn’t get around to it and I didn’t feel like spending the money…they can be a little expensive.

When Christmas cards started showing up in the mail I felt bad I didn’t have any to send back! I decided to try and design my own card using my iPhone and a few photos I took when we got our Christmas tree. I used a couple different apps to design them (OVER and Phonto) and then had them printed at Costco. It was fun to create my own design using art, fonts, and layout.

IMG_9302What I did was use a plain green background from the Phonto app and then added each photo. You could lay them out any way you wanted or do different shapes, I made them all square and put them along the edge, then I added the text and art with OVER.

It’s getting a little late in the game to be sending cards so it was nice that I was able to order them online and then go pick them up in store the same day when I went in to do some shopping…instead of paying for shipping and waiting for them to arrive in the mail.

They are 5X5 photo paper prints, I’m really happy with the results, and they were only .29 cents each…instead of $2.23 each, that is the price I was going to pay per card from Shutterfly, the price goes up or down a little depending on how many cards you order, and that doesn’t include shipping. I will do my own cards again next year for sure!😊👍

How they turned out…

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