Bucks have a large impact on the herd, with that in mind we have sought out the best bucks we can find. Our herd is closed, we do not offer our bucks for outside breeding service.

Poppy Patch SailAway W/MeHoney

 Poppy Patch SailAway W/MeHoney +VE 85

Sire: Algedi Farm MB Honeymoon Bay *B
SS: Twin Creeks BW Montego Bay+*S/*B/ X
SD: Roasasharn’s UMT Tupelo Honey 4*D, EEEE91, 3xBDIS

Dam: Algedi Farm DJ Just Like Honey
DS: GCH Algedi Farm H Drops Of Jupiter *B EEE 91
DD: SGCH Rosasharn’s UMT Tupelo Honey 4*D, EEEE 91, 3x BDIS

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Old Mountain Farm Erebus

Old Mountain Farm Erebus

Sire: Old Mountain Farm Nux Moschata
SS: Old Mountain Farm Sage
SD: Old Mountain Farm Nutmeg VVEV88

Dam: 3*M AR NC Promisedland Nemesis
DS: NC Promicedland BW Echo 2 VEEE90
DD: Rosasharn SS Legolas VEV90

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Rockstar Ranch Debonair

Sire: Old Mountain Farm Cernunnos VEE 90
SS: NC Promicedland Tur-Beau
SD: Old Mountain Farm Tianna Quinn

Dam: Old Mountain Farm Nyx VVVV86
DS: Old Mountain Farm Nux Moschata
DD: Old Mountain Farm Nemesis

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Mtn Lodge UB Aurelius

Dam: Algedi Farm JD Wedding Bells
DS: Alethia CTO Just Dew It VEE 88
DD: Buttin’Heads Wedding Proposal V+EV 88

Sire: *B Rosasharn SH Uni’s Bryce
SS: Rosasharn BB Son Of Honey VEV 87
SD: Rosasharn’s Uni EEEV90

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