$400 – $1,000 for doelings and bucklings
$150 for pet wethers
We sell very few bucklings as potential herd sires, most bucklings will be available as pet wethers unless they’re retained or reserved in advance. If you’re interested in an intact buckling please inquire.

Our base price for kids starts at $400 and will increase from there based on the merit of the sire and dam. For example: Elite, milk stars, Superior Genetics, high LA scores (88+), National Champions in pedigree & show wins increase the value. Some goats will have abbreviations such as SG, CH, *B, *M, see this ADGA Guide to Abbreviations & Symbols for help reading performance Pedigree info).

Breeding dates are listed in the order that they occurred. kids are expected in March through June. Most bucks and does have their own page, if you click their name you’ll be linked to additional photos and info.

If you’re interested in spring kids and would like to be added to our waitlist, or have any questions, feel free to email us:

Lil Miss B Haven WorkYourMagic *B X Four Cedars SA Cassiopeia “Sass”

Bred: October 9, 2021 Due: March 5, 2022
Notes: we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to use this buck in our herd. Magic’s dam, Lil Miss B Haven AlwaysMagical was the 2021 Reserve National Champion doe and her sire, +B TX Twincreeks RM Watermark was the 2021 ADGA National Show Premier Sire. Magic’s sire’s dam, GCH Wood Bridge Farm Scarlet Rose 1*M VEVE 90, was the 2018 ADGA National Champion, this is an exciting genetic package! We have high hopes Sass will have a beautiful mammary when she freshens. She was my daughters’ pick of our kids in 2020. With their limited experience showing they placed in the top 3 in competitive classes at the 2021 Barn in the USA show and she was best jr in show at the SWW Fair (small fair but still a very exciting moment for my 10 year old daughter when she beat the standard breeds). Sass was our last Poppy Patch SailAway W/MeHoney +*B daughter before he was sold. Hoping she will carry on the legacy of her dam, who was one of our longtime favorites that we lost unexpectedly last summer, SG Rockstar Ranch Capella 3*M (Old Mountain Farm Cernnunos +*B Elite X Old Mountian Farm Moonshadow 2*M). Doeling retained. Doeling waitlist full for this pair, however I can to take additional names. ADGA Planned Pedigree
Price: $500 doelings

Four Cedars DB Dapper X SG Four Cedars DB Eye Candy 2*M VEEV 88

Bred: October 23, 2021 Due: March 19, 2022
Notes: Candy one of our best milking does and she appraised very well this year. This is a linebreeding on one of our favorite herd sires, +B Rockstar Ranch Debonair VEE88 (SG Old Mountain Farm Cernnunos Elite X SG Old Mountain Farm NYX) hoping for some nice results. ADGA Planned pedigree
Price: $600 for doelings

Four Cedars DB Dapper *B X The PrairieRose ++VV 85

Bred: October 24, 2021 Due: March 20, 2022
Notes: Some nice Old Mountain Farm genetics with this pair. This is a repeat breeding, last season they produced a gorgeous and correct 5 lb buckling! Usually a single buckling is one of my worst fears for a first freshening doe but she kidded all on her own without issues. PrairieRose’s first freshening udder was what I was looking for, high rear udder attachment, good medial and good teat size. I have high hopes for a doeling this year to retain in our herd. Moonspots possible. ADGA Planned Pedigree
Price: $475 for doelings

Lil Miss B Haven WorkYourMagic *B X Four Cedars DP Pearlee

Bred: October 26, 2021 Due: March 22, 2022
Notes: First freshener. Pearlee’s dam is one of my favorites in the herd, Pearlee seems to be an improvement in conformation and if she freshens with an udder as beautiful as her dam Chicka, I’ll be very pleased. ADGA Planned Pedigree
Price: $450 doelings

Four Cedars DB Dapper *B X TUA Farm SP Lady Liza +V++ 83

Bred: November 4, 2020 Due: March 31, 2022
Notes: Liza was a first freshener last season and I was very happy with her well attached udder, nice rear udder arch and milking ability for a first freshener. Her sire is +*B Old Mountain Farm Stag Party (++*B SG Old Mountain Farm Stag VEE 88 X NC Promicedland MG Mizi 3*M) a buck I’ve admired for some time. Wattles possible. ADGA Planned Pedigree
Price: $475 doelings

Lil Miss B Haven WorkYourMagic *B X Four Cedars GJ Ellinor

Bred: October 30, 2021 Due: March 26, 2022
Notes: first freshener, Ellinor’s sire and dam have a couple of my favorites from Old Mountain Farm in their pedigree (CH Old Mountain Farm BrownI’dSuzn VEEE 90 and Old Mountain Farm Cernunnos). See Ellinor’s sire, Camanna JGH GoldN Jasper and dam Four Cedars DB Cascadia 5*M for more info. ADGA Planned Pedigree
Price: $450 doelings

Four Cedars DB Dapper *B X Four Cedars BW Jewel 4*M

Bred: November 1, 2021 Due: March 28, 2022
Notes: Jewel was a consistent milker as a first freshener, as a 2nd freshener I expect she’ll have improved capacity. Like her dam SG Rockstar Ranch Capella, she is one of those does with will to milk and comes everyday to the milk stand ready to go. I need a better photo as this junior picture doesn’t show off her conformation, she is a long and level doe. Wattles possible. This is a line breeding, ADGA Planned Pedigree
Price: $450 doelings

Lil Miss B Haven WorkYourMagic *B X Four Cedars EB Chickadee 2*M +EVE 87

Bred: November 14, 2021 Due: April 10, 2022
Notes: Chicka is a daughter of Old Mountain Farm Erebus who is the son of one of my all time favorite Nigerian Dwarf does (SG 3*M ARNC Promisedland Nemesis VEEE90). Chicka’s udder is near the ideal that I’m after in my herd, she is easy to hand milk with nice plumb teats. There are a few things I wish I could tweak a little, but I think that is where Magic helps with this pairing, and we saw that to be the case in the quintuplets they produced last season, in fact, I retained a buckling last season from this pair to see how he grows out. I think these could be some very nice kids. ADGA Planned Pedigree
Price: $500 doelings

Lil Miss B Haven WorkYourMagic *B X Four Cedars DB Filigree V+VV 86

Bred: November 18, 2021 Due: April 14, 2022
Notes: Filigree appraised well is a first freshener and I am so excited to see her this year. Filigree had one of my favorite udders of all our first fresheners last year, well attached with an especially beautiful fore udder, good teat size and placement. This is a repeat breeding that produced one of our most promising kids from last season Four Cedars WM Rosalee – scroll down to view her on the junior does page). ADGA Planned Pedigree
Price: $475 doelings

Rainy Rock CR War Paint X Four Cedars DP Phoebe +EV+ 85

Bred: November 21, 2021 Due: April 17, 2022
Notes: War Paint is new to our herd this year (even though I said I wouldn’t be adding any goats this year). The first time I saw his dam (Lunar Frost) was at the 2021 Barn in the USA show where she was 2X GCH over 89 does, I just couldn’t resist when I saw he was available. SGCH MilkNKids MM Lunar Frost 1*M EEEE 92 (Elite list August 2020 & 2021. Milked 1330lbs milk, 87lbs bf, 59lbs protein 2020). Phoebe was a promising first freshener, I really liked her udder and she is very easy to milk, although I’d like to see more capacity, I think she has good potential to improve with another freshening. If she follows the same trend as her aunt and granddam she is really going to blossom over the next couple of years. ADGA Planned Pedigree
Price: $475 doelings

SG Sugar Moon NS Alejandro +*B Elite X Four Cedars EB Lacy Nutmeg 2*M VEEV 89

Bred: November 21, 2021 Due: April 17, 2022
Notes: AI breeding – if you’re familiar with the Nigerian Dwarf breed you probably already know of Alejandro, ADGA Elite buck. This cross has very exciting potential and I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to add these genetics to our herd. Nutmeg is a favorite of mine, like her sister Chicka, I’ve always said I should part with one since they’re littermates, but I’ve haven’t been able to pick between the two. Nutmeg has nice large plumb teats that are wonderful for hand milking. Possible moonspots. Planned Pedigree
Price: $700 doelings

Lil Miss B Haven WorkYourMagic *B X Four Cedars DB Isla

Bred: November 28, 2021 Due: April 24, 2022
Notes: Isla is one of my favorite young does, her first freshening udder was very promising, unfortunately she missed out on shows and our Linear Appraisal as she kidded late in the season. Hoping to get her appraised this year, if we have the opportunity. Planned Pedigree
Price: $450 doelings

Lil Miss B Haven WorkYourMagic *B X Mtn Lodge UB Honey Brie 4*M VEEE 90

Bred: December 5, 2021 Due: May 1, 2022
Notes: Brie is a favorite of ours, she’s a smaller doe but consistent milker, her udder is very well attached and like her dam (Algedi Farm JD Wedding Bells) milks down very well. Sometimes I forget she’s almost 6 years old now, I think she’ll prove to have excellent longevity. She always has gorgeous kids. We had 3 beautiful kids from this pairing last season but sold them all, so I am hoping for a repeat this year and a doeling to retain for our herd. Planned Pedigree
Price: $700 doelings

Camanna JGH GoldN Jasper X Four Cedars WM Prairie Girl “Laura”

Bred: January 1, 2022 Due: May 28, 2022
Notes: Laura is my daughter’s 4-H goat, Laura’s dam milked very well as a first freshener and we hope she will do the same, ADGA Planned Pedigree
Price: $400 doelings

Camanna JGH GoldN Jasper X Four Cedars BR Lilla Flicka VEEE 90

Bred: January 5, 2022 Due: June 1, 2022
Notes: Saving the best for last this year, Flicka is my favorite doe, she currently has my favorite udder in the herd, I really like her medial, teat size/placement and ease of hand milking, and she is a lovely doe in general. I’d been hoping to AI her to a special buck, but after a couple tries without luck, Flicka might have had a quick date with Jasper 1/5, we noticed she was in heat right before he left for his new home and since it was my last chance to use him, I made the last minute decision to briefly pen them together. ADGA Planned Pedigree
Price: $550 doelings

The breedings are subject to change until confirmed. Let us know if you have any questions.

We will not sell a goat to a home where it will be the only one, goats are herd animals and are happiest with companionship of other goats.

Dam raised kids will be ready for new homes 8-12 weeks, bottle babies can leave earlier. We normally dam raise as well as introduce kids to bottles when possible, if you’re able and would like to bottle raise let us know. In some cases, such as large litters like quads/quints, we routinely put 2 of the kids on the bottle at birth.

All kids are disbudded by two weeks. We can provide their 1st CD&T vaccination around 6-8 weeks (unless they leave early as bottle babies) the first CD&T should be followed up with a booster in 3-4 weeks. We will include ADGA registration or application with doelings and bucklings (wethers and pet quality doelings do not include registration).

We reserve the right to retain any kid at any time for our breeding program. Once kids are born and those on our waitlist have had the opportunity to make selections, a deposit ($100 for doelings/bucklings, $50 for wethers) will reserve your kid of choice until time of pickup, the deposit is not refundable, however if for some reason we can’t provide you with the kid you’ve reserved we will offer a replacement or refund. After we’ve gone through the waitlist the remaining kids will be listed for sale.