Stud Service

There is risk involved for buck owners who offer stud service. To protect the health and investment we’ve made in our herd, unfortunately, it is not really worth the risk of exposing our bucks (and our does they breed) to diseases. There is concern from the more minor inconveniences, such as external parasites, to more serious concerns like STD’s like Chlamydia, which can cause late term abortions in goats. More information: Chlamydia in Goats and Other STDs to Watch For

In some cases we are willing to offer buck service to known healthy herds. To keep contact to a minimum, you bring the doe for a “driveway breeding”, meaning you bring the doe when she is already in standing heat for a breeding and then return her home. Any does over 12 months brought for breeding must be tested negative for CAE, CL, & Johne’s, within the last 6 months. Does under 12 months must come from a tested disease free herd. See Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory for goat disease testing information. 

If your doe doesn’t settle, you don’t have to pay the full breeding fee (there is a $25 non refundable fee for the breeding). You can bring the doe back if she doesn’t settle on the first try. Keep in mind does should be in good health, not too thin or too fat as these can affect fertility. You should always provide a good diet and minerals to your doe.

A Crash Course for Goat Breeding Season – If this is your first time breeding goats, a little preparation goes a long way

Breeding fees vary. For bucks we’ve purchased from other herds, the fee is based on the purchase price we paid for the buck, for home bred bucks we determine the same percent based on what we consider their current value is.

Old Mountain Farm Revelry $400.00

Rainy Rock CR War Paint $200.00

Four Cedars DB Dapper $200.00

In an effort to get our bucks proven by offspring in ADGA performance herds, we offer a discount to herd’s currently participating in ADGA performance programs (LA, DHIA, & showing).