DHIA Milk Stars

We finished our first year of milk test and we’re really happy with our results, the following does earned their milk stars. Two does (Wedding Bells and Mascarpone) already had stars for butterfat and protein but also earned their star for volume this time.

Four Cedars Milady 1*M
Milk 920 BF 50 Protein 41

Rockstar Ranch Capella 3*M
Milk 860 BF 55 Protein 40

Algedi Farm JD Wedding Bells 3*M
Milk 740 BF 47 Protein 32

Agape Oaks AD Mascarpone 3*M
Milk 720 BF 50 Protein 33

Poppy Patch CB Sugar And Spice 6*M
Milk 640 BF 41 Protein 32

Old Mountain Farm Vinca 5*M
Milk 610 BF 39 Protein 25

Sunny Prairie Camassia 1*M
Milk 540 BF 38 Protein 24
Cami was on track to earn her star for volume, but sadly passed away unexpectedly last fall. She did earn her star in BF and Protein.

We’re taking 2018 off from milk test but will resume milk test in 2019.